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Cognitive Neuroscientist

Mobio Interactive

Mobio Interactive

Posted on Wednesday, December 1, 2021

To review all psychotherapeutic content for AmDTx.

You will

  • Provide effective and accessible healthcare to every human

  • Review all psychotherapeutic content for suitability of the AmDTx platform

  • Work with guides and psychotherapists who deliver content on the AmDTx platform

  • Research and develop new therapeutic programming for performance enhancement and clinical applications

  • Analyse data and produce compelling, meaningful data visualisations

You have

  • Passion for data-driven excellence

  • Unshakable integrity as required to work in healthcare

  • Commitment to a transparent idea meritocracy

  • Demonstrated exceptional ability and innovation


  • Formal training in cognitive neuroscience or similar programme

  • Adherence to data-driven design decisions

  • Knowledge of current research techniques in psychology and neuroscience

  • Ability to extract key findings from peer review scientific literature

  • Data analysis experience with R, Python or similar software


  • Experience with meditation and/or other contemplative practices

  • Experience working in a clinical setting

  • Strong statistical abilities

You will be

  • Compensated relative to experience

  • Working from Singapore

To apply

  • Send a letter of interest and your CV by email to with the subject header "Cognitive Neuroscientist 2021"